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added on: October 29, 2015
Ellen - Dental Patient Testimonial

“My teeth were damaged in a car accident years ago, and I had problems with my smile ever since. I am a dentist’s daughter so I have no qualms about going to the dentist. Dr. Lusby was recommended to me by friends and I really liked him. Dr. Lusby is a fantastic dentist. He reminded me a lot of my father and the things that he would do to make sure I had a good bite. Plus he went to USC where my dad went. Now Dr. Bocchi has come along and I have been so impressed with all of his new techniques and technology – it has been like jumping into the twenty-second century or something! I feel that Dr. Bocchi’s style of dentistry and his new techniques are far above what I have seen before– I should know!

While I have been a patient at Sierra Smiles for about ten years, it has taken years of preparation for implant placement. I needed a lot of work: I had a lot of fillings that were old and I needed a lot of root canals. At one time, I had nine crowns placed! I had to have bone grafts and tissue grafts. Sierra Smiles didn’t do the actual surgical placement of the implants, but they monitored the progress of the healing and took care of getting everything ready. Dr. Lusby took such good care of me. In February, I will be finishing up all the work and I can’t wait to get back to life with a whole, healthy, new smile!”

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