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added on: October 29, 2015
Myriam - Dental Patient Testimonial

“I see both doctors. I first met Dr. Bocchi when he stopped by the place I work. He mentioned that he was going  to be working with Dr. Lusby, and since I live on this side of town I was super excited to go try it out. I am actually really scared of dentists, but Dr. Bocchi was really nice. I hadn’t gone to the dentist in quite a while; I was well overdue. I had paid for dental insurance for a long time without using it so when I met him, his kindness and warmth definitely encouraged me to go.

 Since I hadn’t been to the dentist for a while, I needed a lot of deep cleanings to get my gums healthy. I let them know right off the bat I was really nervous. I kept thinking that something was going to hurt – but it never did! They made me really comfortable, and the staff continues to be wonderful, remembering who I am, asking if everything is ok and how I am feeling.

Now I am a huge advocate for the place. Everytime I meet someone who says they don’t like going to the dentist, I always let them know what a great experience I have had here and to give them a chance to change their mind.”

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