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Dental Testimonials in Zephyr Cove

Ellen - Dental Patient Testimonial

“My teeth were damaged in a car accident years ago, and I had problems with my smile ever since. I am a dentist’s daughter so I have no qualms about going to the dentist. Dr. Lusby was recommended to me by friends and I really liked him. Dr. Lusby is a fantastic dentist. He reminded me a lot of my father and the things that he would do to make sure I had a good bite. Plus he went to USC where my dad went. Now Dr. Bocchi has come along and I have been so impressed with all of his new techniques and technology – it has been like jumping into the twenty-second century or something! I feel that Dr. Bocchi’s style of dentistry and his new techniques are far above what I have seen before– I should know!

While I have been a patient at Sierra Smiles for about ten years, it has taken years of preparation for implant placement. I needed a lot of work: I had a lot of fillings that were old and I needed a lot of root canals. At one time, I had nine crowns placed! I had to have bone grafts and tissue grafts. Sierra Smiles didn’t do the actual surgical placement of the implants, but they monitored the progress of the healing and took care of getting everything ready. Dr. Lusby took such good care of me. In February, I will be finishing up all the work and I can’t wait to get back to life with a whole, healthy, new smile!”


Myriam - Dental Patient Testimonial

“I see both doctors. I first met Dr. Bocchi when he stopped by the place I work. He mentioned that he was going  to be working with Dr. Lusby, and since I live on this side of town I was super excited to go try it out. I am actually really scared of dentists, but Dr. Bocchi was really nice. I hadn’t gone to the dentist in quite a while; I was well overdue. I had paid for dental insurance for a long time without using it so when I met him, his kindness and warmth definitely encouraged me to go.

 Since I hadn’t been to the dentist for a while, I needed a lot of deep cleanings to get my gums healthy. I let them know right off the bat I was really nervous. I kept thinking that something was going to hurt – but it never did! They made me really comfortable, and the staff continues to be wonderful, remembering who I am, asking if everything is ok and how I am feeling.

Now I am a huge advocate for the place. Everytime I meet someone who says they don’t like going to the dentist, I always let them know what a great experience I have had here and to give them a chance to change their mind.”


Dental Patient Testimonial

“When I was young, my mouth was very small and my teeth were very large. The orthodontist I was seeing made a poor decision and pulled too many teeth and that created some issues. I have actually been to multiple dentists trying to fix that one mistake, so you would think that I would be scared of dentists, but I am not. I appreciate what they do. Of course I went through all the treatments: I had the braces and the retainers – I tried everything.

There came a time when I wanted to do some modeling and some acting, and the one thing that I didn’t like about myself was my teeth. I went to my Mom and had a conversation with her and told her that if there was one thing that I would really like to have taken care of it would be my smile. She got me in touch with some dentists in LA who helped me with veneers, which really helped me feel more confident. Now, though, I can come to a local office here in Tahoe, which is so convenient! When I first visited here, they took a lot of time to talk to me, hear my story, and understand my fear. The staff greets me every time I come through the door, and the service is very quick. I don’t feel like I sit in the chair very long before the doctor comes and hangs out with me

I love Sierra Smiles: the staff is really a team, they take care of me so well, and they make sure to communicate everything between this office and the office in LA. It is really nice to have that camaraderie between the two offices.

On top of all that, the staff is always ready to help me figure out what I need to do in order to get my insurance to take care of my dental work. I would absolutely recommend their practice to anyone. In fact, my mom and dad are patients now as well.”




Melanie - Dental Patient Testimonial

“My mouth was a mess. I work in the public, so I have to look presentable and be able to smile. Dr. Lusby took care of it all and fixed me right up! I have had ten veneers, two root canals, an implant, and lots of root planning to get my gums healthy. The team at Sierra Smiles has always made me feel at ease, keeping me comfortable and explaining everything so I was never nervous. My experience with the office has been fantastic. I really love Dr. Lusby and feel like we have been through so much together. Now my smile is something I can feel proud of – the journey was so worth it!”


Sandra - Dental Patient Testimonial

“I have mostly seen Sierra Smiles for routine care. I used to be very nervous about going to the dentist but since I met Dr. Lusby almost 20 years ago, I stopped being afraid! Our whole family comes to him so I feel really comfortable here. We know his family and he knows mine –it’s as if we are one big family! He is just very personable, friendly, and professional. Every experience is so comfortable and everyone is so friendly. I recommend Sierra Smiles all the time – I have for 18 years. I just love them.”


Sierra Smiles Tahoe

I have been a patient of Dr. Bocchi for four years and everyone has always been very friendly and kept me absolutely comfortable. It’s such a nice office! My teeth were in terrible condition when I first came to Sierra Smiles, but Dr. Bocchi took really good care of me. He recommended braces and caps to correct my teeth. The entire team kept me informed about my options and what was going to happen and put me at ease. Now that my teeth are restored, I am so happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Sierra Smiles to anyone who needs good dental care.


Sierra Smiles Tahoe

I needed to find a new dentist because mine was no longer practicing. He was recommended by a lady I play golf with who is a hygienist – and not an employee of Sierra Smiles! I had some minor flaws in my smile, but I primarily needed routine care. I was never nervous or apprehensive during any of my care here. Now I have been with Sierra Smiles for over 9 years and I couldn’t be happier!